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“As a mom, I’ve tried to feed my family healthy food. It’s not always been easy. With a single family income most of our marriage and raising 6 girls and 4 boys, stretching a budget for healthy food, has, at times been very challenging.

Eating a “whole foods” diet is our goal by eliminating the highly processed food, including artificial ingredients, preservatives and colors . I strive to feed my family foods as close to the way God made them to be. Honestly, processed food is cheaper than quality whole foods. I realized my contribution to our budget was to decrease costs by making from scratch as much as possible.

Reducing the processed foods in our diets gives our bodies the best fuel to love, learn, work and play.

I remember as a young girl, my mother enjoyed baking especially around holidays. My momma’s an excellent baker. Smelling her apple pies the night before Thanksgiving was a treat. I hope to make pie crusts tender as hers someday! She inspired me to be hospitable and purposeful in what I feed my family.

Over the years my baking has really taken off. I love to have pe ople in my home. I carried over my family’s healthy eating and baking for my dearest friends and they absolutely love it.”

Excerpt from “My Heart For Baking”.