Baking from home is easier than you think.

Now that I’ve been delivering bread for a few weeks a common question has come up time and time again. That is, “You’re a home school mom with 8 kids at home. How in the world do you have time to bake this delicious bread and then deliver it?”

It’s usually followed by, “I know how hard it is to run my family, it must be a mad house at your home.” Plus a few other amazing compliments.

Compliments are hard for me to take, I’m a people pleasing person, which means I naturally want to serve you regardless your response. It’s my love language.

However, I thought I’d take a moment to encourage you that baking, though sometimes tedious, can be a great joy and will provide your family healthy, wholesome food. As well, your confidence to care for your family will receive a serious boost as you succeed.

So here’s what I suggest for you to be baking from home 3 steps to succeed:

Baking from home 3 steps to succeed:

  1. Start with a Destination in mind – Most of us set goals. We often break them down into daily task lists that we ‘sometimes’ complete. For me, I went a bit further and started with a destination in mind, that is, “My family & friends are important to me and my desire is to eat healthy food and live long lives together.” Which means, if I set out to make healthy food, I would have checked it off my list and moved onto other pressing subjects. With a destination in mind, I am always working to see it’s fulfillment come true for my family and friends. Start with a Destination.
  2. Plan Ahead – Several times in the past, when my husband and I were younger, we’d shop for groceries when we were hungry. Not good. Often items we did not really want long-term ended up in the grocery cart. As with baking, don’t let your the eyes of your hungry stomach determine what you want to bake. Take a minute and find baking websites on Facebook and Pinterest and see what others are doing. See what recipes are working for people. Then, as if your planning an event, work the timeline backwards. Plan from the day you want to be enjoying your baking backwards to the day you purchase your first bag of flour.
  3. Get ready for Distractions – It’s true, I have 8 wonderful children still at home. I also homeschool them and on top of it all I need to make time for my husband and our relationship. Little people get boo-boos, cars break down and sometimes I can’t get to my baking as fast or as quickly as I want to. So like my husband did years ago when our first two daughters started driving, he prepaired himself for “The Call”. The call from one of our girls which said, “Dad, I wrecked the car”. When it came, he wasn’t angry, wasn’t upset and went into super-support mode to let them know they are loved. You too should prepare for distractions, little people getting in your way or maybe your husband needing something. Simply know “The Destination” you’re shooting for is where you’re headed and along the way, there might be a speed-bump. It’s ok.

So there it is, my suggestions to see you baking from home 3 steps to succeed.

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