Bringing heartfelt baking to a home near you.

10847786_10152940261713584_8651418336870163055_nWe are super excited! The Ramspott family has wonderful news. That is, after years of baking for her family and friends Heidi’s now begun baking for others and started a small cottage industry from her home called, “Break Bread With Me“.

She will focus on baking her famous assorted breads and specialty items. From her famous Cinnamon Swirl Loaf to her newly discovered Babka bread recipe friends and customers will be delighted to the areas best home made wholesome breads around.

As well, she will begin meeting with people to plan and cater personal and professional events. She has begun catering events this last summer and the joy it brings our family to serve, and the people she serves, is tremendous.

Through her website you can learn more, request items and also inquire about hosting a catered event.

Be sure to find us on Facebook and Pinterest!

As well, be sure to Make a Kind Request (form the right) and have us email you a list of all of Heidi’s baked good!

Break Bread With Me


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