I have known Heidi for so many years, I hardly even remember when our friendship began.

Over the years I have had the honor of watching her family grow, watching her heart grow, and watching her talent blossom. I was excited to support her when she first began baking for friends to help provide financially for her family.

Little did I know how AMAZING her baking was. I was hooked…and so were the other 6 members of my household. I’m pretty sure we could live on her pita bread alone! Not only is everything I have ever tasted excellent, the biggest blessing is that there is a real person with a real smile and a real heart behind each and every item. It is a delight to be able to support my friend and to encourage you to jump on her bandwagon and break bread with her.

I promise, you will not regret it!

Lisa Kelly & Family

What is better than home baked bread?

It adds such a warmth and comfort to almost any meal.

Heidi’s creations do just that. Our family tried both her homemade rolls, pitas, and cinnamon swirl loaf, all of which were delicious.

Whether you want to add some wholesome whole wheat rolls to your family’s meal or some decadent cinnamon rolls to your holiday brunch, you will be delighted! Bon appetit !

LeeAnn Gienke & Family

Heidi is one of the most kind-hearted, gentle-spirited women I know.

She is an exceptional baker–everything she bakes is phenomenal–but she is also a very gracious & thoughtful servant. She truly cares about the people she serves.

You will hire her as a caterer but don’t be surprised if after your event you call her friend.

Stacey Drake & Family

I have known Heidi for approximately 10 years. Heidi is not only an amazing friend but talented baker!

My children and I have been extremely blessed to many different types of her incredible bread! We love the honey wheat bread/rolls that are perfect to have with dinner or use to make a sandwich. My absolute favorite are her delicious mulitigrain rolls that are loaded with a variety of healthy ingredients! My kids favorite are her moist, rich cinnamon rolls that are the best we’ve ever had in our life! The best part about her bread is that she only uses the finest and healthy ingredients! I feel so good about feeding my family her delicious bread without all the unhealthy chemicals! As an oncology nurse, this is even more important to me because many chemicals used in store bought breads are loaded with unhealthy chemicals that are carcinogenic.

Besides Heidi’s phenomanol baking skills she blesses everyone she meets and serves because she shines the light of Jesus wherever she goes! I’m completely honored to know her and call her a dear friend♡

Heidi is also a hard worker and the time and effort puts into her baking is unbelievable, all while raising & homeschooling her 10 children and serving her awesome husband in ministry!

Renee Pederson & Family

Heidi was a huge blessing during the planning of my bridal shower, wedding, and baby shower.

All three events were very large (400 people at my wedding!) and Heidi handled the catering beautifully. We received so many compliments on the food from our guests.

She is so very creative and her desserts reflect that ( S’mores as mini pies? Who thinks of that?)

Heidi was also a listening ear during the planning process of these events and was willing to help me and my family in more areas than just the catering. There is no doubt in my mind that my wedding would have been more stressful if Heidi wasn’t in charge of catering the event!

Thank you Heidi!

Hannah Pace