You Did It!

13310402_583796805108840_2219751361473397577_n-2You did it!

Through your baking orders. One by one, as the orders came in, you helped Madison raise $119 of her goal to go to Cambodia and minister to young women and children.

As a mom and small business owner I am forever grateful for your faithful ordering of my baking and support of my daughter.

Her Daddy and I cannot wait to see the short-term and long-term this trip is going to have on the people the team will reach and then the team as they come home.

Please stay tuned for updates throughout their trip and beyond!

There Are Three Ways You Can Pray:


  1. Continued safe travels and health for all of the team –  Many of us know traveling abroad that plans change, there are delays and sometimes stomach bugs do occur. Please pray for travel and health.
  2. Impact – Madison and the team have a heart for missions. Their hearts are set on impacting the people they are put in proximity of. Pray the Holy Spirit opens up the door to make an impact on hearts and minds.
  3. Long-Term – Pray that the experience they are having right now will last in their hearts for a lifetime and that this opportunity has a long-term lasting effect for God’s glory!

Thank you once again!

Blessings to you!


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